yak, berhubung gue anaknya 48 banget gitu yah, jadi mungkin ke depannya gue bakal ngepost tentang 48G especially my new babies, Team 8. hehehehe.

sekarang lagi dalam proses nulis buat review MVnya Kegarete tapi belum tau bakal selesai kapan karena rasa unmood yang mendera. hehehehe.

oh iya, selain 48an, mungkin bakal nulis tentang HSJan juga. So, just wait and see.

see you ^_^

My First Post!!


Okay, this is my first time for having a Livejournal account. Actually, there are still many things that I dont understand on this site but oh well, I will try to learn more about this community. Semangaaattt >.